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What is Domain

A domain is a collection of things (entities) that have something in common. For example, if you’re working on a sports website, then an appropriate domain would be sports. A better way to define it would be, Sports are those entities which include all baseball players and teams, all football players and teams, all basketball players and teams, etc. Typically these things relate to people or businesses. They could also relate to non-living objects such as governments or companies. Examples of non-living domains might include cars or schools. There are two main kinds of domains: vertical and horizontal. FOR MORE DETAIL CLICK HERE

What is Domain Controller

You must have heard about Domain Controller as it is responsible for controlling all activities within an Active Directory domain. This includes user log-in information, keeping track of users, shares, permissions and much more. FOR MORE DETAIL CLICK HERE

What is Domain Driven Design?

Domain driven design (DDD) is a software development paradigm centered around writing applications for a particular business domain, that is, for solving business problems. The motivation behind DDD is to give domain experts as much autonomy as possible in deciding how to solve their problems with software. FOR MORE DETAIL CLICK HERE

What is Domain and Range

A domain is a collection of entities that have some shared characteristics. Typically, domains have one or more properties (or fields) that uniquely identify their members. FOR MORE DETAIL CLICK HERE

What is Domain Authority

Search engine optimization is a tricky business, because what makes a page relevant to one query may not be as relevant for another. These domain authority metric attempts to capture how important Google (or any other search engine) thinks your site is for a particular search term. For example FOR MORE DETAIL CLICK HERE

What is Domain Server

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern describes how software applications can be architect ed in order to increase scalability, maintainability, test ability, extensibility, re usability and ultimately business value. The MVC pattern was introduced in 1979 by Trivet Reins keg during his work on Smalltalk-80. In a nutshell, an MVC application is composed of three layers: model (data handling), view (UI) and controller (application logic). While most web frameworks incorporate some elements of MVC architecture it’s less clear whether or not they adhere strictly to it. FOR MORE DETAIL CLICK HERE

What is Domain Hosting

Domain hosting (sometimes called domain parking) is a means of reserving a domain name. In effect, you’re preventing someone else from taking your domain name until you are ready to use it or sell it. For business purposes, domain hosting can be an effective way to protect your intellectual property. Often, domains that you own — but aren’t using — have value as goodwill toward future projects or businesses. FOR MORE DETAIL CLICK HERE

What is Subdomain

A Subdomain is just another site under your main site, at a different web address. So for example, my main website is about. Me/Christina Kruse. I have three blogs I share on that page: ThisLifeIs2Short (an inspirational life page), my personal page Christina Kruse (just me talking about me), and Subdomain Travel Blog (where I share all my travel tips). FOR MORE DETAIL CLICK HERE




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